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ADV Solutions realized long ago that not all surfaces should be cleaned with high pressure washing. High pressure washing can damage certain woods, roofing shingles, penetrate siding, destroy concrete and paving stones joints and mortar.

The right equipment is needed for right job and surface.

With the ADVancement of chemical cleaners and equipment Soft Wash is safe and efficient way to clean many surfaces. Our low pressure high volume equipment with our ADVanced training in the class and field we know when and what chemicals and equipment to use. 

Soft Wash is a low pressure system that applies the chemicals to whatever surface we are cleaning. With either the same equipment or low pressure washing to remove chemicals without harming the surface to remove all lichen, fungus, algae and mold.

A lichen is an organism that emerges from algae and fungi that grows and grips on the surface. Removing with high pressure will also remove the substrate it is holding onto and destroy or compromise roof shingle granules, wood and siding. 

The algae, fungus, moss and mold cling to roof shingles, siding, fences, decks, concrete and brick. The soft wash chemicals kill the algae, fungus, moss and mold not harming your property. Soft wash lasts longer and keeps your property looking pristine.

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